While researching the various portfolio management platforms available for a global single family office, we found a gap in the market for “consolidated portfolio reporting”.

On one end of the spectrum you have financial institutions that offer reporting for the assets held with the bank. If you give the bank monopoly on your business, they could potentially report on a substantial part of your total assets. However, handling direct investments or private equity would fall outside their capabilities.

This will typically force the family office towards the other end of the spectrum, where they consider operating an in-house portfolio management system, provided by pure software companies that provide state of the art software, where the investor has to collect the data and configure the installation.

Yalmar Solutions was established to address this gap, combining the best of technology and financial expertise to deliver a best-in-class, fully outsourced offering covering all assets across your portfolio.


Independence is an essential factor in ensuring our interests and commitment are entirely aligned with our clients. That is why Yalmar Solutions is owned exclusively by its management.

Data Security & Confidentiality

Data security & confidentiality are Yalmar Solutions´ highest priority and are embedded into every business process and activity.

It works!

By becoming a specialist in automating the investment management process we have developed technologies and know-how to make sure that you have a complete overview of your portfolio across your custodians, fund managers and any non-listed and direct holdings you own at all times. We like automating the manual and digitising the analogue data that still prevails throughout the finance industry!

Our team

Our team has broad experience from working with family offices and technology:

Hjalmar Bøe (CEO), 15+ years of experience working with system vendors and family offices.

Håkon Thorvaldsen (CTO), 15+ years of experience working with systems and family offices, including 10+ years as a multi-asset portfolio manager.

Roar Flom (CFO), 25+ years of experience as a CFO for a family owned shipping company, as well as being a Director on numerous boards overseeing investment activities.

Henning Nesgård, software developer with experience from the emerging technology team at a large financial institution.