Our Service

You invest, we do the rest.

This is our slogan, and we mean it. We enable you to monitor and manage your assets across your banks and fund managers.

We take care of the full post-trade life cycle and make sure that all transactions are correctly reflected in your portfolio analytics reports, as well as in your general ledger, statutory accounts and tax reports. This is no minor task, but we have the tech, skills and people to do it.

Trade Capture

As an end-to-end service, Yalmar Solutions interacts directly with all your banks and custodians to gather, validate and control all portfolio data on a daily basis. Capturing all of your trades, as well as life cycle transactions such as dividends, coupons, fees, drawdowns and distributions, allows you proper Portfolio Consolidation & Aggregation across your full investment universe, from the publicly traded stocks, through to Private Equity, Direct investments and Real Estate. We will also establish, maintain and enrich security master data, enabling powerful portfolio reporting that will help you gain insight into investment outcomes and give you a correct basis for risk management and for making new investment decisions.

Market Data & Valuations

We will collect market data such as listed prices, FX and interest rates received through one of the major data feed providers. We will even record direct quotes and capital account statements received directly via Fund Manager emails or published online. This enables you to closely monitor your portfolios performance and risk characteristics.

Financial Control & Reconciliations

We will set up automated Data Quality Controls on dashboards and email alerts which we will monitor on your behalf. We will perform periodic bank and custody account reconciliation, as well as verifying any derivative data to third parties. We do this to give you peace of mind, enabling you to focus on where your time is most value add; making investment decisions, managing portfolio risk or servicing your clients.

Online Reporting

Monitor your portfolio online, whenever you want, in real time. Utilise advanced analytical tools and view your portfolio from multiple angles. You may choose different reporting roles for various members of your organisation such as Owners, Board Members, Risk Managers or Portfolio Managers, so that each person only sees data and a level of detail that is suited to their specific responsibility.

Data Security & Confidentiality

Data security & confidentiality are Yalmar Solutions┬┤ highest priority and are embedded into every business process and activity. Our private cloud is secured with top of the line encryption and two-factor authentication.

Accounting, Tax & Statutory Reporting

Yalmar Solutions will deliver transaction data (debits and credits) directly into your General Ledger and Year-end Closing system, so that you may complete your statutory and tax reporting duties more efficiently.


We will show you where your portfolio returns are generated, where your costs are, and whether those are according to what has been agreed with your brokers, managers and banks.

Independent & Trusted Partner

We know the value of trust, integrity and confidentiality and are truly an independent provider.


We provide transparency and peace of mind. As a fintech company we aim to digitalise the investment process by capturing data once and then use it for everything from investment decisions, board reporting, accounting and tax. Through our digital platform we help monitor your assets across your asset managers and banks.

Detecting Errors

Errors may happen, but even minor and mundane issues can end up costing you a lot of money, even without you noticing it. We monitor that your agreements with banks and asset managers are being honoured and whether anything might suggest that your counterparties has made an error.

Risk & Return

We will show you risk adjusted returns across your investments and between your third party asset managers, enabling you to challenge managers and adjust your portfolio risk positioning.


We will digitally integrate with your business manager and accountant, providing them with transactions based debits and credits directly into your general ledger, year-end closing and tax reporting. This reduces cost and complexity in the bookkeeping process.